BPA’s pipeline safety awareness campaign is a success

BPA (British Pipeline Agency Limited) is proud to announce the winners of the latest prize draw in the “Know What’s Below” pipeline safety awareness campaign. Mr and Mrs Lake from Staffordshire received their prize in the form of a case of champagne.

As the statutory operator of some of UK’s largest oil and gas pipelines, BPA has been running the “Know What’s Below” campaign annually. Its aim is to raise the landowners’ awareness of buried high pressure pipelines crossing their land. Pipelines are built to high standards but are susceptible to external damage which can result in serious incidents. Knowledge of this risk is paramount to safety when working near the pipelines. Some 2000 landowners are typically contacted in the course of the annual campaign.

“The response to our Annual Campaign has been strong, with landowners showing increasing awareness of the safety aspects of the pipelines crossing their land” – Phil Taylor, BPA’s Lands Team Leader.