Kuwait Pipeline Design

The Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) intends to construct a new local marketing depot at Al Matla in the north of Kuwait to meet the country’s strategic stock requirements, to cater for the demand of future population growth in the north of the country and the planned infrastructure developments. The depot needs to be connected to the existing Mina Al Ahmadi (MAA) and Shuaiba (SHU) refi neries in the south with 130km cross country pipelines (8”, 12” and 16”). Based on its Multi-product pipeline design and operation experience, BPA was selected to conduct the pipelines FEED study to assess the route of the lines (including modifications of existing facilities as well as electrical and other auxiliary systems) and the positioning of 8 block valve stations along the pipeline route. The study included the design of the block valve sites as remotely operable standalone facilities without the need for external services (e.g. use of solar power) and with the ability to shutdown the pipeline sections when necessary to limit any potential pipeline spill. The design also included all aspects of Cathodic Protection of the pipeline.

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