Multi-product pipeline design and construction in Malaysia

This BPA project involved development of a 130km 16” multi-product pipeline from Melaka and Port Dickson refineries to the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and inland distribution terminals, together with associated pump stations and control facilities. The pipeline route involved planning and construction in dense jungle terrain.

BPA undertook Project Management of the entire design and construct project in Joint venture with OGP Technical Services, Malaysia. BPA provided a locally based team with technical support
provided on an ad hoc basis from the UK for the design and construction phases.

BPA also provided Operational support in terms of:
– Development of operating and maintenance regimes and Manuals
– Multi-product scheduling systems
– Management / operator training
– Operating organisation structure / management consultancy
– Commercial agreements for owners, operators, shippers
– system commissioning and ongoing operational and engineering support

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