Professional Safety and Integrity Inspections of Military Fuel Infrastructure Facilities

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has a need for annual license inspections of its fuel infrastructure facilities. Since 1996, BPA has delivered a programme of inspections for bulk fuel installations, pipelines and hydrant refuelling facilities at British military fields, dockyards and other facilities in the UK and overseas.

The MoD operates a wide range of fuel facilities which are subject to an annual professional inspection in order to comply with the requirements of Joint Service Safety Regulations for the Storage and Handling of Fuels and Lubricants (JSP317). The purpose is to validate the maintenance of facilities and provide a basis for a continuing license to operate. The inspections define any actions required to bring the facilities to the required standard and confirm adherence to applicable legislation and legal requirements.

Based on a thorough visual inspection of the facilities and review of maintenance records, BPA issues a report outlining appropriate future actions to be programmed as part of the asset
management strategy.

BPA’s inspectors, technically competent, professionally qualified and independent from MoD’s own site maintenance delivery teams, offer the client impartial expert assurance in the integrity management of their assets.

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