Secondary and Tertiary Containment Enhancements

The North Walsham Terminal (managed by BPA for over 30 years) is a lower tier COMAH site. It receives North Sea Gas Condensate via an 8km / 6” high pressure (49.6 barg) cross-country pipeline from the Bacton Terminal to 2 bulk tanks storing up to 3,600m3. The product is then delivered to downstream process plants via trains of up to 18 railcars – giving a potential for over 4,000 tonnes of product on site.

Changes to the hazardous substances regulations in 2009 dictated the need to substantially enhance the secondary and tertiary containment in order to retain the
operating licence for this asset which is critical to North Sea production. While the project was implemented it was essential that the site remained fully operational at
all times.

· BPA undertook extensive liaison with the HSE and the North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) to establish basic requirements
· BPA used extensive CFD modelling of catastrophic failure scenarios to propose the solution – extensive structural walls surrounding the site with steel extensions acting as a wave return mechanism to contain product on site in the event of a tank failure
· A FEED phase then developed the solution into a practical engineering project which was then further developed through detail design into the procure / construct phase.
· BPA’s team was then resident on site throughout to manage the appointed EPC contractor and coordinate activities with site operations staff maintaining pipeline and train movements

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